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Noble Fir and Pacific Silver Fir

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This is a planted forest of Noble Fir and Silver Fir.  Normally planted forests for timber are Douglas Fir because of it's rapid growth, large size, and strength but at this latitude and altitude (~4,000ft) it and with the Cascade Range's heavy snowfall does not fare well in the short term (decades vice centuries).

When this forest was first logged, the sawmill town (now ghost town) of National (southeast of Mount Rainier) had and still holds the record for the most lumber processed in the world.  They clear cut the mountains and didn't replant them so the forest started fresh again to go through a progression of emergent plants being replaced by other plants dependent on the biomass and nutrients provided by their predecessors.

The forest would, if given time (a few centuries) return to it's mature state but man is too dependent on short term return to allow such.  This section of forest was burned in a forest fire in the 1970's and was replanted to be harvested about 25 years from now. 

The Tahoma State Forest is "School Trust Land" and all profits from logging go to building schools in our state.  They are logged only when doing so can be done at a profit unlike the National Forests that are often logged at a cost to the government for management and roadbuilding.

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